Donut Swipe Frenzy Match 3 Puzzle Game

Donut Swipe Frenzy

Donut Swipe Frenzy Match 3 Puzzle Game

Treat your Sweet Tooth anytime with the Donut Swipe Frenzy Match 3 Puzzle Game.

Kids as well as adults of any age (4 to 80) will love to play this unique Puzzle, Connecting Donut Game earning bonuses, unlocking achievements, and more.

To play you simply swipe your finger creating a chain Matching Three or more Delicious Donuts in any direction of same style and flavor.

Time is against you so you have to be quick earning bonus time, bonus points and unlock achievements.

Imagine the fun the you and the little ones will have playing this boredom busting, finger swiping app.

Whats in the game?

*Unlock Achievements
*Earn Time Bonuses
*Earn Chain Bonuses
*Free Updates

Donut Swipe Frenzy Match 3 Puzzle Game will provide hours and hours of Fun and Addicting Entertainment as you improve concentration.

Be a Hero to your Kids by getting this Puzzle Match Three Game for the special people in your life.

Hurry before price goes up!!

FREE Updates!!

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