Christmas Elf Slingshot Snowball Knockdown Kids Game

Christmas Elf Slingshot Game

4.5 stars on Amazon App Store

Christmas Elf Slingshot Snowball Knockdown Kids GameAmazon App Store4.5

Christmas Elf Slingshot Snowball Knockdown Kids Game

Introducing Christmas Elf Snowball Slingshot Knockdown Kids Game, the most fun you can have with your mobile device.

Elf Snowball Slingshot Knockdown Christmas Game will eliminate boredom and welcome in the Holiday Season?

This Christmas strategy, puzzle game, kids app has been designed to provide hours of Slingshot Snowball Throwing Entertainment as you wait for Santa to arrive.

From 5 to 80 everyone will love to jump into the most unique snowball fight you have ever seen.

Kids Just Love It!!

Christmas Elves Snowball Slingshot Knockdown Kids App is a physics game and loaded with 20 Elf Tipping puzzle levels.

To play you aim the Snowball Slingshot, by simply touching your finger on or around the slingshot and then move finger back adjusting the direction and angle you need to Hit the Elves. Then simple release the Slingshot to throw.

It couldn’t be any easier to play but don’t let the simple game play fool you.

Makes a great gift app for the holiday Season.

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